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Hot Dipped Galvanized Accessories

Hot Dipped Galvanized Metal for Stronger, More Durable Marine Accessories

Hot dipped galvanized metal provides you with stronger, more durable boat and trailer parts and accessories than other manufacturing processes. Although you may have heard that hot dipped galvanized metal is only necessary for saltwater environments, it's also the best process to protect all metal exposed to water and weather. Ve-Ve Inc.'s selection of hot dipped galvanized marine parts and accessories outfits your boat and trailer with strong, durable equipment that lasts and lasts.

Why Is Hot Dipped Galvanized Better?

Although many companies manufacture and sell galvanized metal marine products, the process to create such metal parts isn't the same.

Hot dipped galvanized metal has a thicker protective coat added to the exterior. This adds a buffer between the metal and the elements, especially saltwater, which can corrode and degrade marine parts over time.

Other galvanized metal often uses a thinner coat, or galvanizes the metal before it's welded to another part. This leaves vulnerable spaces near the weld joint where saltwater can corrode and weaken the weld, leading to premature metal fatigue and failure.

Ve-Ve Inc.'s hot dipped galvanized metal marine parts and accessories offer you the highest quality American made marine parts and accessories. They are stronger, last longer, and help you enjoy your time on the water without worry!

Our Selection of Hot Dipped Galvanized Products

Ve-Ve Inc. offers many options for hot dipped galvanized products. These include:

  • Roller guide-ons
  • Dock hardware and fasteners
  • Dock ramp roller assemblies
  • Winch cables
  • Plates and brackets
  • Tow hitches
  • And much more.

Shop from Ve-Ve Inc.'s large selection of hot dipped galvanized products today. They're not just for saltwater marine use. See for yourself why our galvanized products are better!