Dear Customer,

   With the ever expanding choice of web browsers, keeping a "Internet Shopping Cart" working well with all of them is a never ending job. We have been made aware that some browsers, SOMETIMES, have problems completing orders on our web site, even though the rest of the web site is quite functional.

  • 1st.) We do apologize for this inconvenience & are working hard to rectify the problem.
  • 2nd.) The Microsoft "Internet Explorer" browser, to our knowledge, works fine & can be used to place your order.
  • 3rd.) If you prefer, Please call (763-427-5330) or e-mail (sales@veveinc.com) us so we can help you. We have the ability to process all orders except PayPal.
  • 4th.) If you end up using the Microsoft "Internet Explorer" browser ( or another, Mozilla "Firefox", Apple "Safari", or "Opera" ) to place a order, a short e-mail to our "Contact Us" page would be much appreciated! Include what version of what browser failed to work for you, and how.
  •    Again, be assured we are working hard to rectify the problem & PLEASE don't choose another product from another web site threw frustration. You were going to choose our product line for a reason ( American Made, Quality, Price etc. ) and we are working hard to make your on-line experience as easy as possible. Shopping cart issues don't take away from the reasons you were going to choose our product line unless you choose a possibly lesser quality, NON American made, cheaper product line. Remember you DO get what you pay for with the VE-VE Inc. product line.

    Your understanding in this matter is appreciated in advance, John Vevea, Pres. of VE-VE Inc.