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Boat Lift Post Guide-Ons, BLG-966; 66-78" Tall ( 1 PAIR )

Boat Lift Post Guide-Ons, BLG-966; 66-78" Tall ( 1 PAIR )
BLG-966; Boat Lift Post Guides, 1 pair. Font view, mounting, cloose up. Rear view, mounting, cloose up. BLG-966; Boat Lift Guides (On Boat Lift) BLG-966; Boat Lift Guides (Mount Close-up)

Boat Lift Post Guide-Ons, BLG-966; 66" to 78" tall, mount to the boat lifts, lift carriage cross members & adjust in & out for proper width to accommodate your boat or pontoon boat. Keeps boat centered while raising boat lift’s, lift carriage. The steel post are made of 1-1/2" Sq. x 11 Ga. x  70" long Heavy duty steel tubing. Tubes mount to 1/4" thick x 6" wide; x 9-1/2" tall aluminum plates. The plates mount to lift carriage frame tubes that are 2" - 6" high with frame mount bolts long enough to work on carriage frame tubes 2" - 4" wide. The steel Post Guide tubes are covered with 58" long PVC tubes, and the caps are vented to prevent tube “float” & can be adjusted from 66" to 78" high. Steel tubes & fasteners have a Silver Zinc plated finish for added protection against corrosion. Packaged in pairs with all mounting hardware for lift carriage frame cross members 2" to 6" high x 2" - 4" wide.

"HOT DIPPED GALVANIZED FINISH", NOW AVAILABLE !! Choose "GALVANIZED FINISH" option below.  ( GALVANIZED steel tube models have the same aluminum mounting plates, but come with STAINLESS STEEL mounting hardware & fasteners for superior corrosion protection ).

NOTE: For Boat Lift Frames 6" to 8" high x 2" - 5" wide, choose BLG-966-XL option below. OR option; BLG-966-XL-G; for HOT DIPPED GALVANIZED FINISH model.

Plus $14.50 per pair shipping

Options: T-965-PC; "Post Guide Pad". To see T-965-PC; "Post Guide Pad / Capped Top End" style ( CLICK HERE ).

Our price: $219.95
BLG-966-G; "GALVANIZED FINISH" for standard frames, 2"-6" high, ONLY!
BLG-966-XL; "ZINC PLATED FINISH" for LARGE frames, 6"-8" high, ONLY!
BLG-966-XL-G; "GALVANIZED FINISH" for LARGE frames, 6"-8" high, ONLY!
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