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New Arrivals

Wobble Roller Assembly, T-989-G; Extra Heavy Duty ( 1 PAIR )

NOTE: The T-989-G; Wobble Roller Assem. ( GALVANIZED FINISH, ONLY ) is out of stock.  A new production run is in the works, expected back 3/9-16/21, so still taking orders. Your patience will be rewarded with a GREAT American Made product!

Boat Trailer Wobble Roller Assembly, T-989-G; Extra Heavy Duty Assemblies, 1 PAIR ( 1 ea. shown ). 24 ea. wobble rollers per pair ( 12 ea. per 40" long tube ) for greater hull support & weight distribution. Sold & priced per pair.


Click on "DETAILS" for more product Information & pictures.

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Our price: $524.95

Roller Guide-Ons, T-923; Pontoon Guides ( 1 PAIR )

PONTOON TRAILER, Roller Guide-Ons, 25" to 29-1/2" Tall. Mounts to the inside of boats pontoons on trailer frame cross member.

"HOT DIPPED GALVANIZED FINISH" available ( mainly for SALT WATER !! ), Click on "DETAILS" for option.


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Our price: $109.95

BLJ-60; Boat Lift Jack

The BLJ-60; Boat Lift / Hoist jack has 3 valuable uses.

  • 1) Use to lift hoist by its lower framework and adjust corner post to level boat lift in water.
  • 2) Use to raise the hoist frame to install or remove boat lift installation wheels.
  • 3) Also, the jack tool can be used to raise or lower your dock to changing water levels.

  • NOTE: Shown with OPTIONAL, BLJ-61; Mud Plate.

    PRODUCT WEIGHT: 28 LBS. ( W/ BLJ-61; Mud Plate: 33 LBS. )

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    Our price: $329.95

    Boat Lift Post Guide-Ons, BLG-966; 66-78" Tall ( 1 PAIR )

    Boat Lift, Post Guide-Ons, adjust from 66" to 78" Tall and mount to boat lifts, lift carriage frame cross member. ( STRAIGHT FRAME or V FRAME, lift carriage frame cross members ). Keeps boat centered while raising boat lift’s, lift carriage.

    "HOT DIPPED GALVANIZED FINISH" available ( mainly for SALT WATER !! ), Click on "DETAILS" for option.

    NOTE: Click on details for product Info. and more detailed pictures.

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    Our price: $159.95