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Canadian Shipping Policy

Dear Neighbor to the North; If shipping into Canada, PLEASE call FIRST for shipping quote before ordering!!

 We definitely ship into Canada, but the stated shipping charge on each product is for the continental USA only. You can have it shipped to a friend in the US or shipped to 1 of many UPS or Private company drop ship locations on the USA side of the border & it would be the listed shipping charge ( you would then need to go there & get your order). If you want it shipped to your address in Canada we would more then likely need to add extra shipping charges. Some of our products have FREE shipping, on these we can discount the shipping accordingly. 

 NOTE: PAYPAL orders are welcomed, but PLEASE call to get a shipping quote FIRST. You can then use are "ADDED SHIPPING" category to add the appropriate needed shipping.

 Shipping quotes are gladly given upon request.

  We are the manufacture & you can contact us @ 763-427-5330, 8:00 AM. to 5:00 PM. Mon. - Fri. Central time. Everything is usually well in stock & shipped within 1-2 days. Hope to hear from you soon, John Vevea, VE-VE Inc.