BRA-64; "Section Disconnect Kit"

BRA-64; "Section Disconnect Kit"
BRA-64; Section Disconnect Kit.( With 8 ft. Ext. Sec. ) BRA-64; Section Disconnect Kit.

The BRA-64; Section Disconnect Kit ( For the DDA-2500; Pontoon Ramp ) allows 1 or more sections to be taken off with just 4 bolts to be stored for the off season. Complete with 8 ea. disconnect plates, 4 ea. roller tube support uprights, 4 ea. clamps, 3 Ea. aluminum cross tubes and all mounting hardware.


 NOTE: BRA-64; "Disconnect kit" shown has a BRA-25; "8 ft. Extra Section" connected to right. ( Also NOTE: Normal water level would need to be ABOVE end rollers, but dropped before picture was taken ).

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