D3-485; "Section Tie Plate"

D3-485; "Section Tie Plate"
D3-485; "Section Tie Plate"

The D3-485; "Section Tie Plates" are used to connect 2 ea. dock sections together. Use 2 ea. ( 1 outside & 1 inside ) PER SIDE if sections are open ended. If section ends are closed use 1 ea. ( outside ) with 2 ea. D3-435; "Inside Corner Supports" ( CLICK HERE ) or 2 ea. D3-442; "Backing Plates" ( CLICK HERE ) ( inside ) PER SIDE. Brackets are 3/16" Th. x 5" H. x 16" Lg. steel bar stock. ( Galvanized finish ). Sold singly.

NOTE: WHEN USED ON FLOATING DOCKS, "Section Tie Plates" do not give any dock flex which is adviced ( Especially on longer docks ). The use of some floating dock section connectors ( D3-420; "T-Section Connector" ( CLICK HERE ) or D3-430; "Corner Tie Sect. Conn." ( CLICK HERE ) is recommended.

NOTE: Install with 3/8” carriage bolts NOT INCLUDED. Use 2 ea. D-561; "Fastener Kits" Per side. ( CLICK HERE ) To go to D-561; "Fastener Kit". 

Plus $1.75 ea. shipping.

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