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Boat Roller Ramp, DDA-1000; ( 1000 pound capacity, 24 ft. long )

Boat Roller Ramp, DDA-1000; ( 1000 pound capacity, 24 ft. long )
Boat Roller Ramp, DDA-1000; ( 1000 pound capacity, 24 ft. long ), Photo Stiffener Plate & Wobble Roller (Close Up) End "Keel Cross Tube" (Close Up) Boat Roller Ramp, DDA-1000; ( 1000 pound capacity, 24 ft. long ), Drawing

Boat Roller Ramp, DDA-1000; ( 1000 pound capacity, 24 ft. long ) model features 2" Sq. Aluminum tubular construction with a maximum load capacity of 1,000 lbs. for light watercraft and small fishing boats. Standard ramp length is 24’ (3 ea. 8’ sections) & 40” wide, 6 cross tubes with keel rollers. 5 pair of wobble rollers are easily adjusted horizontally and vertically to fit most small boat hulls. Features a manual winch on a triangular winch stand. All fasteners & small steel assembly parts are Stainless Steel or Galvanized for extra corrosion protection, especially in salt water. 4' or 8’ extra sections can easily be added to Boat Roller Ramps, along with other accessories listed below.

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NOTE: For John Boats ( Or any FLAT bottom boats ) call VE-VE Inc. @ 763-427-5330. We will supplement the "Roller Rods" ( Part that holds the Wobble Rollers ) with a different style that when mounted to the OUTSIDE of the side tubes will lower down far enough that the tops of the Wobble Rollers are level with the center Keel Rollers. This allows added support in the center of your boat like the Boat Ramp is intended to do.

NOTE: Proper Boat Ramp installation requires ramp to be supported at both ends and each section connecting joint ( At a minimum ) on 1000# models and every 4 feet ( Preferably by all cross tubes ) on 2000# models. This can be done by leveling the ground, useing concrete blocks, wood timbers etc. or purchasing BR-20 Support Kits. Also the BR-26 Anchoring Kit is an added plus in anchoring ramp to the ground and gives added stability to Boat Ramp. Check out the other Boat Ramp accessories, from electric winches to Boat Ramp "Guide Ons", all intended to inhance your Boat Ramp product.            


NO SHIPPING CHARGE !!!: Normally $150.00 per DDA-1000. But FREE Now !!, for winter season, FREE SHIPPING special !! ( In continental U.S. Only, call for other discounts to Alaska or Canada ). DON'T MISS OUT on FREE SHIPPING special !! SPRING SHIPPING AVAILABLE !! So order NOW, set up FUTURE ship date & insure product availability with NO Back Order or delay !!


  • BRA-10-4; 4' long aluminum Extra Section for DDA-1017 & DDA-1000.

  • BRA-10; 8' long aluminum Extra Section for DDA-1017 & DDA-1000.

  • BR-20; Support Kit (1 pr. 1-1/4" pipe clamps & 1 pr. 1-1/4" base pads)(no pipe included).

  • BR-26; Anchoring Kit (2 ea. 1-1/4" x 3' long pipe, 2 augers and brackets & mounting fasteners).

  • BR-27; Electric Winch Mounting Plate. Fits 2" wide winch post, with fasteners (no winch).

  • BR-28; Mounting Tube for VE-VE "Guide On's". To View product picture and info. ( CLICK HERE )

  • BRA-40; Aluminum Cross Tube Assembly with keel roller & wobble rollers for DDA-1017 & DDA-1000.

  • BRA-44; Section Disconnect kit. Easily disconnects section/sections in or close to water for off season were water may freeze. 

  • BR-58; Boat Ramp Installation Wheel Kit. ( 2 ea. 24" dia. wheels, 1 ea. axle, 2 ea. axle mt. brkts. and all mounting hrdw. ) 

  • BRA-60; Aluminum Cross Tube with keel roller for DDA-1017 & DDA-1000.

  • BR-70; Wobble Roller Assembly for DD-1017, DDA-1017, DD-1000 & DDA-1000.

  • BR-358; Electric Winch. 

Shipping charges listed on accessories are only effective if item/items are ordered with a Ramp.  Shipping charge doubles if item/items are ordered without a ramp purchase. 

Contact VE-VE inc. with any further questions etc. at (763) 427-5330 or Email

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