BRA-74; "Section Disconnect Kit"

BRA-74; "Section Disconnect Kit"
BRA-74 ( Section Disconnect Kit )

"Section Disconnect Kit" for aluminum DDA-3000; ( 2600# capacity ) Boat Ramps. Disconnect kit is used to easily disconnect the end of ramp ( 1 or more sections ) that is in or close to water for off season or in colder climates were water may freeze. Ideal if you want to keep your boat on Boat Ramp for off season storage ( like in a boat house ) in winter season.

NOTE: Both sets of Roller bunks need to be mounted on cross tubes to use the "Disconnect Kit" ( NOT 1 pr. on side tubes as shown on DDA-3000 picture. ) This Picture is the BRA-54; "Disconnect Kit" for the DDA-2000 and only shows 1 set of roller bunks mounted on the cross tube.

The BRA-74; "Disconnect Kit", can also be used for SLIGHT change in angle of Boat Ramp. BUT NOTE, DISCLAIMER BELOW!

NOTE: If used in this manner, assemble rollers in the extra hole that is now drilled closest to end of tube ( Not shown in this picture ) to mount small rollers so they stick out pass end of roller tube. You also take all responsability of any boat hull damage that may accure when boat changes angles and teeters at one point on hull when changing angle. This is usually only a possible problem on heavier boats with fiberglass hulls or boats with heavy moters. But do take NOTE of this slight possibility.

Disconnect Kit includes 1 Ea. 4 ft. aluminum cross tube with 8" keel roller, 1 Pr. of 8" high and 1 Pr. of 12" high roller tube Support Rods ( 3/4" Sq. support rods, support angels, clamps & U-bolts ) and 4 Ea. dissconect plates with all mounting hardware.


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