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( #1 ) Back Trolling Splash Guards


SB-20 Series (Permanent mount)

SB-24 Series (Removable-designe, with Adjustable clamps)

Ideal for back trolling. Keeps water out of the back of the boat or the motor well.

Splash Backs are made of aluminum with an anodized gold finish. They are 16” high X 23” wide at top & 27" wide at bottom including the 6” Rubber flap. The 14 degree angle cut is on the motor / rubber flap side of splash backs & helps flap contour to motor, rubber flap also does not hinder engine maneuverability and is oil & gas resistant. Both series of Splash Back’s can be purchased with port side (passenger) or starboard side (driver) cut out for trolling motors. Cut outs are 7” W x 12” H and are fully covered with two (4-1/4” W x 12-3/4” L) rubber flaps to enclose the opening around the trolling motor.

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