BLJ-60; Boat Lift Jack

BLJ-60; Boat Lift Jack
BLJ-60 "Boat Lift Jack" BLJ-60, winch & pully ( close up ) Boat Lift Jack "J" Hook ( close up ) OPTIONAL, BLJ-61 "Mud Plate"

The BLJ-60; Boat Lift / Hoist jack has 3 valuable uses.

  • 1) Use to lift hoist by its lower framework and adjust corner post to level boat lift in water.
  • 2) Use to raise the hoist frame to install or remove boat lift installation wheels.
  • 3) Also, the jack tool can be used to raise or lower your dock to changing water levels.


  • The BLJ-60; "Boat Lift Jack" is a 2" sq. Aluminum tube "T" frame that is ( 68-1/2" ) 5 ft. 8-1/2" tall, assembled with 1/4" thick aluminum mount plates. Controlling the Boat Hoist Jack is easy when holding on to the 1-3/4" diameter steel round tubing handle ( w/ poly handle grip ) in left hand while operating the 800 lb. brake winch with your right hand. The 3/8" diameter x 10' long nylon braded rope goes up and around the 2-3/4" Acetal Polly Pulley and down to the "J" Hook, made of 3/6" th. x 3-1/2" wide heavy duty bar steel & will hook on boat lift frames up to 3" wide. The 3/8" diameter x 36" long "J" Hook handle rod allows you to reach deep under the water to secure the "J" Hook under the boat lift/hoist framework. Main construction of Boat Lift Jack is of Aluminum tubing & plates, while steel "J" Hook, handle, winch & mounting fasteners having a zinc plated finish.

    Boat Lift Jack works best in water up to 4' deep ( AT THIS, OR ANY WATER DEPTH, THE BOTTOM OF BOAT LIFT FRAME CAN BE RAISED TO A MAXIMUM HEIGHT OF 5 FT. HIGH ), but will work fine if winch becomes submerged in deeper water. The lifting capacity is 800 lbs. ( Which is the maximum Brake Winch lifting capacity ). NOTE: Boat Lift Jacks are not to be used to lift a boat lift that is stuck in the mud!! Doing this will damage the Boat Lift Jack ( Mainly by bending the J-Hook ) or cause bodily injury!! Recommended as is for solid lake/river bottoms. For softer bottoms, a 2" x 6" can be attached to the underside of the base tube using the 3/8" holes provided. Or purchase the OPTIONAL, BLJ-61; "Mud Plate", a 1/4" thick x 6" wide x 29" long aluminum plate w/ mounting holes in it.

    NOTE: Shown with OPTIONAL, BLJ-61; Mud Plate.

    Plus $25.00 each shipping.

    PRODUCT WEIGHT: 28 LBS. ( W/ BLJ-61; Mud Plate: 33 LBS. )

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    BLJ-61; Mud Plate